What Especially Eden Means to Me

Have you ever just wanted to be a part of something? Something divine, that changes lives and gives back? I am pleased to share with you Especially Eden, a social enterprise that has recently blossomed from Eden House, a residential recovery program for survivors of human trafficking. 

The purpose for our gift basket enterprise is to spread awareness of human trafficking. Human trafficking is a real, significant issue. I know because I am a survivor and I myself did not know it was real and did not know that what I was going through even had a name.  Through this amazing program I am more aware and I see my experience through a different perspective.

People are starting to see what is really going on, and are educating themselves on the signs of trafficking and what resources are available in the community. Human trafficking is not just found in movies; it is a real concern, and people are finally being rescued. People are also now donating to give women like me a safe place to live and a chance to rebuild a part of our lives that we thought was lost. 

I am a current resident at Eden House and started volunteering for the social enterprise last year. I found myself busy and I caught on very quickly. Soon my heart started to beat for this new project, and I knew I wanted to be on their team. My now supervisor must have seen potential in me. She asked me to apply to work at Especially Eden, and I did just that. As soon as I got the job I felt important and trusted, and that my ideas were valuable.

Through this enterprise I continue to learn and I am constantly growing. Being a part of Especially Eden has allowed me to be more involved with spreading awareness and has given me the strength to share my story. Participating in this program is helping me to be the woman I plan on becoming: an advocate for people of all genders, races, and ages who are or were sexually exploited. 

I have grown considerably with this business. Now I want to help take Especially Eden to the next level. I have so much hope and passion for this social enterprise. These baskets are assembled by survivors like myself to give back and show you our appreciation for simply acknowledging that this issue is happening all over the world, including in your area. I am proud to be employed by this company, standing together and making a difference in lives. 

In each basket I assemble, I put a touch of love in it to thank you for your support. Through these baskets we are creating a community of love, and we can all spread awareness of human trafficking.


Written by: Eliza, Social Enterprise Assistant and Eden House Resident